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Before a single product is released, it has to be proven safe on infants, children, women, and men, and on all skin types.
Skincerity, our launching product was created with funding from the National Institute of Health.

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  1. I've tried everything. How do I know if Skincerity will work for me?
  2. Thousands of people have used Skincerity. Skincerity is dermatologist tested and approved. Skincerity has been clinically tested on real
    patients and has demonstrated proven results. Quantitative results from clinical trials performed at the University of Texas Health Science
    Center indicated 67% of all people using Skincerity experienced an average reduction in the appearance of wrinkles by 39%, with some
    improving as much as 200%. Many users report dramatic results in days!

  3. When should I expect to notice results from using Skincerity?
  4. Many Skincerity users report better skin tone in 1-2 days! However, the length of time for improvement will vary among users depending
    upon the condition of their skin prior to using Skincerity. Most users will begin to see and feel results within the first week of usage. With
    continued use, most users report an improvement in dullness, tone, texture, dryness, age spots, and in the appearance of pore size, fine
    lines and wrinkles.

  5. How does Skincerity work?
  6. Skincerity is applied as a liquid and quickly dries to form a thin, flexible Breathable Barrier™ that will retain your body’s natural moisture
    and rehydrate your skin while you sleep. Beneath the breathable masque, Skincerity releases the proven and powerful antioxidants Vitamin E
    and Grape Seed Oil to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. Your complexion will look brighter, more luminous, the appearance of fine lines
    will be reduced and your skin will feel velvety-smooth.

  7. Can I use Skincerity with my other favorite products?
  8. Yes. While Skincerity offers a unique powerhouse formula in a single product; the Breathable Barrier technology enhances the benefits of an
    existing product regimen since it helps to keep the product on the skin throughout the night. In essence, by allowing your favorite products to
    stay on the skin longer, Skincerity makes your favorite products better! Simply apply your favorite products before rolling on Skincerity.
    For best results, let your other products dry or "firm" before applying Skincerity.

**Advise: For first time users: Apply Skincerity directly after face is cleansed, skip all daily skincare/regiment,
just try Skincerity totally by itself for 2 weeks then slowly blend in your personal skincare products.

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