Users’ Testimonials & Feedbacks

At first when I use the Soap Sample, I find that the soap is just So-So only, nothing special about it. But as days goes by, I find that my face becomes whiter and clearer and my Pimples and Acnes scars also seems like disappeared. My skin is actually quite dark and I used to have a rough face due to many holes left behind by pimples and acnes. But after a few months of using the Soap, my face becomes smoother and fairer. Everybody noticed the change on my face and started asking me so I just replied it is the soap I use. Now I even use it for bathing too when there are balance foam from face-washing, since the soap is abit expensive so I don’t want to waste it.

Good product ! - Highly Recommended by Mr James Tan

For the first few times when I tried the sample facial soap, I find that the soap is not nice to use. Maybe because it does not have a nice perfume fragrance which most facial foams have. Then I gave up using it. Since it was left lying in the bathroom, my husband went to use it on and off, maybe about 3 to 4 days per week. Then one day when the sample soap is finished using by him alone, he asked where did I get the sample soap from and where to buy it ?? I was surprised by his question and at the same time I noticed that his face has become cleaner and whiter. He told me that the Soap is actually not bad and ask me to contact the supplier to buy a few pieces for him. When the actual stocks came, I went on to try the facial soap again continuously for a few weeks and discovered that it actually helps to whiten & tighten the skin to prevents wrinkles. Now we kicked out all our other facial cleanser/foam/scrubs and stick to just using the Diva Soap alone.

Nice Product - Highly Recommended by Ms Lim D.K

taken on : 26/10/15
taken on : 10/11/15

      Pimples and Acnes condition has shown some improvement in 2 weeks.